Purpose of the Program

This comprehensive program aims to reduce the talent and representation gap among African American technical employment candidates by cultivating the interest and enhancing the preparation of a cohort of rising sophomore engineering students in six designated geographic regions. The financial resources provided by the NSBE/Honeywell Integrated Pipeline Program (NHIPP) along with mentorship and meaningful work experiences will boost the retention and graduation rates of this cohort, and ultimately, provide a candidate pool of highly qualified engineers.

The NHIPP proposes to develop and implement a three-year pipeline program designed to increase:

The number of underrepresented minority (URM) candidates prepared to enter the Honeywell workforce.

Establish partnerships with key engineering programs in designated geographic markets

Engage NSBE chapters to improve minority student recruitment and retention

Method of Instruction

To host all of the webinars designed for this course, we will utilize the Zoom platform. Each webinar will be recorded and offered twice to ensure all scholars are able to engage with the content.  Please note, since we offer each twice, it is only necessary to attend one of the webinars in each content area, you mustn’t feel as though you need to attend all sessions but are more than welcome to do so if time permits.  Furthermore, during the webinar, full engagement and participation with the content is expected.  On most occasions, there will be exercises and holistic assignments that must be completed and submitted prior to the webinar start time.

All webinars will last no longer than an hour in length and NSBE staff will work with facilitators to secure the platform. Prior to webinars, calendar invites with instructions will be sent to all attendees.

Suggested Materials

Below please find a list of supplemental reading materials that will enhance the content of webinars in order of webinar offering:


Attendance Policy

It is expected that all scholars will prioritize and attend all webinars offered.  A fundamental component of this program is not only the monetary scholarship awarded to our scholars but also the consistent and sustained engagement with the content curated by program staff. At the beginning of each semester, course schedules will be requested and due within one week. Likewise, if the student is unable to attend the webinar, communication in writing is due within 24 hours.  By acceptance of this scholarship, you agree in good faith to make all necessary arrangements to attend all programmatic events and opportunities.

Program staff will make all efforts to accommodate the class schedule of scholars and scholars should not feel that a commitment to the program will come at a cost to their academics.  This program was built within an empathy model to respect and uplift the student experience.

Statement of Diversity & Inclusion

NSBE is committed to safe and diverse learning spaces that encourage critical thinking and compassionate discourse. We invite you to bring your full self to the program and seek to support all scholars in finding and harnessing their skills.  With this goal in mind, we must also work to ensure that all who engage in this program do so with respect for difference and an eager disposition to learn, ask questions and at times feel uncomfortable.  We are here to support you in your growth and are committed to ensuring all participants have a seat at the table.